Amblyopia App

Visual Impairment Training Tool App

Project Brief

An android application for children who suffer from Amblyopia - a visual impairment. The recommendation for children is to train their eyes regularly through small tasks. The app was built to give these children a platform with different shapes which they could outline with their touch, and compare the results to the original image.

Technical Specification

Using a third party piece of tracing code, the functionality for drawing was relatively simple. The app allowed for any number of still shots of the final shape to be saved to the users phone and presented these to the parents with a timestamp as well as the date of the task. The appearance of the application was a fundamental part of the project as most children would be unlikely to enjoy the app if it wasn't pretty.


We generated and designed multiple assets including the traceable images themselves for the client. The project only continued for the length of phase 1 of development, where phase 2 had planned to add a reward system and a more in depth insight into the child's progression.

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