Augmented Archery

Archery Assistance Emulator App

Project Brief

A first class university dissertation, the augmented archery application was a tool for using alongside an archery session that would predict the outcome, and suggest corrections for the angle of a bow projectile. The system would use weather APIs for wind speed data collection to analyse the appropriate angle correction needed to make a perfect shot.

The tool was tested using a real life archery team that proved the value of the app as well as the limitations of the tool used to hold a smart phone to a bow or cross bow. More than anything, the production of the tool allowed for the research and experimentation into a field that otherwise would have been neglected.


As the focus of the development we on the correct physics and the functionality of the product as a proof of concept, the appearance of the application was left alone. Because of this factor, the application never breached the consumer market and was left as an academic insight into the sector.

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