Christian Benedict

Business Shirt Subscription Service

Project Brief

Design and build the Christian Benedict (CBShirts) formal shirt subscription service website. Due to the extended subscription functionality required, the project involved the creation of a very basic content management system. Along with basic informative web pages, the website offers users a complex sign up registration system, account arrangement, subscription modification and a payment integration. Periodically, users are sent shirt deliveries based on a specified scheduling option.

Technical Specification

Built originally in Symfony 3, the system was redirected to use Symfony 2 due to the commercially viable bundle availability. Downgrading the version was a piece of cake using composer for the base installation and bundle collection. Front end development was achieved using mostly a responsive bootstrap approach. Combining SASS, GULP, Bower and NPM kept things tidy and sped up the development process.

For the designs, a reliance on Bootstrap and FontAwesome formed the basic appearance. For this particular project, the client was eager to have a large input in the layout as well as making some customisations themselves. Payment processing was integrated using the Stripe API as well as a large bulk of work towards integration with the MailChimp System.


Due to the ever-growing need for content management, at times it seems that using an out-of-the-box CMS would have been preferable for this system. The benefit to keeping things bespoke, however, allowed for a complexity of subscription functionality and stock control. With Symfony, it was particularly quick to get the initial structure of the website up and running, which may not have been the case if applying the same approach using something like Magento.