EA Medico Legal

Medico Legal Neuro-Physiotherapy Website

Project Brief

A simple information website, the priority for the London based EA Medico group at Edwards & Associates Ltd. Wanted a basic web presence with a simple design. Key considerations for the project were for the content to be manageable, there to be an access point and contact point for users and for a gateway to list biographies of staff members.

Technical Specification

Due to cost restrictions, the simplest approach for this website was to use WordPress. This allowed for simple content management in a format that some users were already experienced with. The platform also meant that a basic theme design could be applied with very minimal customisation. A conversion of font sizes and house colour schemes, the addition of image content and a few basic plugins for the additional functionality was all that was needed.


An incredibly fast to setup and easy to alter project – these projects are always fun to do. Learning about areas of professional work that would otherwise be unknown due to the range of sectors we develop websites for is always a great experience.

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