Custom Home Theatre System

Project Brief

A project that has been waiting in the wings for a while, the building and setup of a home theatre PC comes with several obvious benefits. The goal of the task was to product a fully functional HTPC able to run high resolution movies without issue, play basic level video games and most importantly – be cheap.

Technical Specification

Using PC part picket for a list of compatible components, selecting the elements for the PC became more focused on cost saving and power, rather than the usual fears of wasting money on a processor that doesn’t fit the motherboard. For the complete list of components, please see below.


For any home theatre, silence is the perfect goal to reach. Unfortunately, without compromising on features, a stand-alone power supply was needed. Spending a little extra on this has proven to really benefit the system in keeping it quiet. The rest of the system is fairly basic, allowing for Blu-ray playing, 4K output all at a low cost. The case selection was another vital element of the build, besides looking nice, the layout of the internals needed to be considered, as did the positions of any internal fans and ventilation.

Regarding software, the choice of using Kodi (formally XBMC) was an obvious selection. As the system is open source and community driven, the number of available plugins and skins basically means that there is no requirement to get your hands dirty for extra functionality. Being open-source, this is always a possibility for the future, however. For gaming, Kodi comes with a few possibilities of emulators for classic consoles. As the build is lacking any independent graphics card, limiting the game use is probably best.