Nazand Begikhani

Contemporary writer, poet and academic researcher

Project Brief

A basic biographical website with a twist, the functionality requirement for the website involved the addition of multiple content types such as poems, published articles and blog posts. The website also required a personalized hosting service, given by PlumTea.

Technical Specification

As the project was tight on budget, and the main requirement was for a post like content system, WordPress seemed the best fit. The additional content types were created using multiple plugins for the categorisation and organisation. Extra functionality was provided through the careful selection of different community created plugins, allowing the build of the project to take minimal time. Design was another key factor for the client, going through several rounds of theme feedback, we eventually landed at an appearance she is happy with.


Another important element of the website was the bi-lingual content to be served. Through the careful configuration of a WordPress language plugin, we were able to provide content in a different script and language, all adjusted from the same WordPress interface. Part of the service was to also generate and workshop an instructions manual for the use of the content management system.

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