Content Management System Build

Control the look and feel of your website

CMSs at a Glance

A common platform for the web, as this method cuts out a lot of the overhead of a development project. Focus your time on how the website should look and feel and leave the functionality to others. Content Management Systems are often community driven and so are constantly adapting to suit the needs of all users.

PlumTea and your CMS

We have specialist skills in all of the best CMS platforms. Using Drupal, WordPress and Magento we take away all of the fuss of content control. Allowing you to get exactly what you want onto the website and change the content as often as you want is the main attribute for a CMS.

Why pick us for your CMS Website

Whether you want to produce a blog focused website or allow multiple staff members to change the text and image content of your site, a CMS is the right choice for you. More often than not, a CMS is the appropriate technique for a small business, getting you up and running within days – at a very cheap rate.

Project Examples